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Women in Finance Accelerator (WFA)

The Women in Finance Accelerator (WFA) is DFIC’s innovative educational program for female-identifying students interested in finance. 

About the Women in Finance Accelerator

The WFA program aims to increase diversity while enhancing opportunities for students to attend exclusive networking and speaker sessions. WFA hires ~10 first-year and ~10 second-year students as Junior Analysts and teaches the fundamentals of finance while providing mentorship with an upper-year female student on DFIC and female industry professionals. 

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DFIC Accelerator

Targeted at first-year students, the DFIC Accelerator program aims to help introduce junior members to the world of finance. 

About the DFIC Accelerator

With the help of our experienced mentors, DFIC prepares students for the workplace and teach key skills used in Capital Markets. This is a year-long case-based program, to teach students the essential skills required to succeed in our club. Students will learn how to pitch stocks, recruit for finance internships, and top students will be selected for our investment council for their second year in the club. DFIC hires ~20 first-year students to become Junior Analysts and shadow our sector teams in our Investment Council to learn our investment process. 

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