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DSB-Fidelity Canada Balanced Students Investment Fund

In 2022, the DeGroote Finance & Investment Council (DFIC) received a $100,000 fund donation from Fidelity Canada. The fund is managed by our Investment Council Executives and Multi-Asset Strategies Team. Capital is allocated based on buy recommendations from the Investment Council sector teams, given favourable considerations on market outlook, valuation, and company analysis.

Our Philosophy

The objective of the DeGroote Finance & Investment Council (DFIC) Balanced Fund will be to achieve a 12-month rolling return (net of fees and taxes) in excess of the benchmark defined below through sustainable long-term investment in North American listed companies. The Fund’s philosophy is in alignment with the investing principles taught at McMaster focused on creativity, innovation, and excellence. The DFIC Balanced Fund aims to provide returns via a combination of investments in public equities and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

The fund’s aim is to provide a balanced, risk-adjusted return over a 3-to-5- year time horizon through sustainable long-term investment in North American listed companies. The balanced asset allocation consists of equities, fixed income, and a minimal permanent cash position. Target weights for equities and fixed income follow a 60/40 split with a maximum cash allocation of 5% Our current portfolio strategy is to maintain equal allocation for our Canadian and US portfolio and to diversify our sector exposure in active equities by drawing down passive ETF positions over the long- term management of the fund.

Read Our Balanced Fund Prospectus

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