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EXECUTIVES 2018/2019

Our Team

 Joshua Damonte is in his fourth year at DeGroote School of Business and is returning as the DFA’s President. Throughout Joshua’s experience at DeGroote, he has ascended through the ranks of the DFA, holding positions as Co-Vice President, Director of Communications, and First Year Associate. Joshua is returning from the Commerce Internship Program where he worked on the Equities Trading desk at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He has also worked as a Junior Analyst on Fengate Capital’s Real Estate Investment team. Feel free to ask Joshua questions about opportunities within the DFA or the equity markets. Feel free to contact Joshua at

Joshua Damonte


Argjend Jakupi is currently in his fourth year of student in Honour Bachelor of Commerce specializing in finance. As Vice President, he is excited to add value to the team through coaching and mentoring junior associates. Argjend’s experience includes a summer intern position at CI Investments - Signature Global Asset Management, and most recently, a Private Equity Summer Analyst at Whitehorse Liquidity Partners. Additionally, he has served as a Portfolio Manager for the McMaster Investment Council. Outside of school, Argjend’s time consists of staying up to date with automotives and basketball. Feel free to contact Argjend at 

Argjend Jakupi
Vice President 



Younis is currently in his second year of studies at the Degroote School of Business, where he hopes to major in finance and earn a dual minor in statistics and computer science. He is serving as the Director of Strategic Development for the Degroote Finance Association, and looks to expand the association’s outreach throughout the McMaster community with the planning of their numerous events and workshops. Younis has a strong interest in the foreign exchange and commodities market, and has been active in day trading the market for about three years. With a strong interest for capital markets and statistics, Younis is hoping to leave a positive impact for the association. Feel free to connect with Younis as

Younis Soltan
Director, Strategic Development 


Nicholas Luchak is Director of Research for the DeGroote Finance Association (“DFA”) after being a general member of the DFA for three of the previous four years. In this role, Mr. Luchak will be responsible for overseeing the content and PowerPoint presentations delivered throughout the school year. Mr. Luchak is currently a Level IV Commerce Student who recently returned from a 16-month Internship at CIBC, via the CIP program at DeGroote, where he split his time between the Corporate Banking Deal Teams and the Corporate Banking Finance Team. Feel free to contact Nick at

Nicholas Luchak
Director, Research


Kai is entering her fourth year of studies in the Honours Bachelor of Commerce Program. She is taking the role of Director of Finance for the DeGroote Finance Association. She is currently working as a client advisor at RBC and aspires to build a career in Finance and Accounting. She is excited to utilize her past experience to create value for the association and McMaster community. In her spare time, she enjoy spending time outside by hiking or running. Feel free to connect with Kai at

Kai Guo
Director, Finance 


Navodit Kathpalia is the 2018-2019 Director of Corporate Development for the DeGroote Finance Association. Navodit moved to Hamilton, Canada from New Delhi, India to pursue his undergraduate degree. Prior to starting his degree, he worked with a boutique investment bank based out of New Delhi and London on deals worth $100M, advising clients on private equity, corporate finance, and venture capital transactions. Most recently, he worked with the Hamilton Fire Department as a summer student, assisting their administrative, mechanical and stores division. During school time Navodit works as a financial assistant with McMaster University Finance Department (Accounting and Financial Reporting) and as a teaching assistant for Financial Accounting. Navodit is interested in corporate finance and valuation and hopes to pursue a full time career in deal advisory after graduating. Outside of school and work, his hobbies include hiking, rock climbing, badminton, cricket and meditation. He loves to connect with students from all faculties and levels! Feel free to connect with Navodit at

Navodit Kathpalia
Director, Corporate Development



Chloe Bechard will be taking the role of Communications Director for the DeGroote Finance Association this coming year. In Chloe’s second year on the DFA she is taking a step up from her previous role as a senior associate, and using skills and insight she obtained in her first year to provide better resources for incoming club members. This year Chloe hopes to bridge the gap between students and industry professionals by providing students the tools and information they need to step into the world of finance. Feel free to message Chloe by email or contact her through social media for details on any upcoming events! Feel free to contact Chloe at

Chloe Bechard
Director, Communications


Liam is in his second year of the Bachelor of Commerce program at McMaster university aiming to pursue a designation in finance, coupled with a minor in economics. Liam hopes to be a part of the DeGroote Finance Association all four years of his undergrad, this year serving as the Director of Logistics. His goal is to ensure the association operates smoothly, keeping in touch with other clubs under the commerce society to help plan and run events. Liam has a deep interest in capital markets with a focus on trading cryptocurrencies, having mined Bitcoin in 2015 and been actively investing in initial coin offerings for two years. Aside from the DFA, Liam is also on the varsity squash team at McMaster, competing at universities across Ontario. He hopes to use his prior investing knowledge to bring new opportunities to DFA members, and encourages them to reach out to him through social media. Feel free to connect with Liam at

Liam Kelton
Director, Logistics


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