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Financial Report


Membership Program

DFIC Membership offers exclusive access to training materials designed specifically for those interested in pursuing a career in capital markets, consulting, corporate law and more. It provides an excellent opportunity for those looking to break into the industry, no matter your current knowledge or experience.


Analyst Program

Apply to join our Investment Council as an Analyst on one of 6 sector teams. You will pitch stocks for our $100,000 investment fund and conduct fundamental research. This program will help you learn skills that are used in the industry and we will help you land an internship! 

Open to all years, preference for students in 2ⁿᵈ year and above

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Associate Applications

Accelerator Program

Apply to join our Accelerator Program run by upper-year students. This is a year-long case-based program, to teach you the essential skills required to succeed in our club. Students will learn how to pitch stocks, recruit for finance internships, and top students will be selected for our investment council for their second year in the club.

Open to 1ˢᵗ years only

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Women's Mentorship Program

Sign up to join our Women’s Mentorship Program to receive tailored educational workshops, speaker sessions, and networking events from experienced students and professionals. This program will help you break into finance and help guide you to the career path you desire.

Open to all years, preference for 1ˢᵗ - 3ʳᵈ year students


Quant Group

Apply to become a Quantitative Analyst on our elite quant team. This program will prepare you for careers in quantitative finance. Students will learn how to build pricing models and develop algorithmic trading strategies. Coding experience required.

Open to STEM students and all years.

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Apply to become an associate on our marketing, operations, or corporate relations teams. These teams are crucial to ensuring our marquee conferences, competitions, and networking sessions run smoothly. You will have the opportunity to meet corporate partners and run events.

Open to all years, preference towards students with an interest in writing

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Apply to join our newest team as an associate. Join to support the Investment Council by conducting industry research, developing market updates, and monitoring our investment fund. This team also writes and publishes our weekly financial newsletter. 

Open to all years. Preference for students with strong communication skills.

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